About me

Stall at the Perth Upmarket

Growing up, Christabel used many creative outlets as a form of expression — from photography, to crocheting, sewing/embroidering, to painting and drawing. These creative hobbies was her form of “getting cosy & relaxing”.


Christabel H. Art was founded in 2018. However, the pandemic in 2020 lockdown rocketed her small business. There was something relatable about being at home, dreaming of places in colours and translating them on to canvas. The Christabel H. Art website was launched on 3 February 2020, and in that few months Christabel had explored so many different painting styles.

Christabel's love for flowers and beautiful sceneries greatly influence her artwork. Her hope is to capture the vibrant colours of this world. She aims to bring joy into homes with her paintings. 
Christabel paints from her home studio based in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

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